Get a US postal address so you can save money on online purchases and get access to unique bargains. E-Courier Express, Inc has got you covered.
We will then ship your parcel on to your location, whether you are in the US or in one of 220 countries worldwide.
Avoid situations when US retailers refuse to ship to your international address. Save on up to 70% on international shipping fees.


Avoid situations when your local credit card or payment method or shipping to your country are not supported by US merchants.

We ship to 220 countries worldwide. We ship to US addresses as well.

You can also use your US postal address to receive correspondence and business letters.

You will be able to manage your entire account through our cloud-based mail portal quickly and efficiently.

With your personal portal account, you can group deliveries and packages together to save even more money. We will then handle the rest through our shipping agents. They will receive your parcels, consolidate them into one delivery, and repack them in the most efficient way possible. They will then ship the consolidated parcel to your location.

With our service, you can shop at US retailers with ease, enjoying the discounts and deals that merchants often only give to American residents or companies.

Real Mail As Easy as Email

Receiving mail at a US postal address is as easy as managing your email when you use E-Courier Express. You can also check the mail received at your US postal address quickly and easily through the online portal. This gives you total control of all your mail regardless of where you are in the world. Provided you have Internet access, you can access the portal and control your mail.

You will be able to view the mail that you have received directly on the portal. This includes letters, documents, packages, and anything else you might receive. Once you have viewed it, you can then decide what happens with it next using the straightforward control panel. You can instruct us to open and scan the correspondence so that you can read it directly online or you can tell us to shred it. Alternatively, you can have us post it to your location. We will then ship your correspondence or package using one of the following mail postal services – DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS, among others.

The US postal address we give you will be an actual physical address in the US. All your mail will be received in person by one of our shipping agents, who can receive mail of any type.

If the item you receive is a letter, the shipping agent will scan the envelope and upload it to your account on the mail portal. You can view this scan and then tell us with a click of a button what to do next – open the envelope and scan the contents, shred it, or forward it to your location.

Our shipping agents are located across the US in most states. With this network, you can choose a shipping agent that is close to the retailer you are buying from to make sure that you benefit from the shortest possible shipping times and the lowest possible cost. You can also make sure the shipping agent is in the same state as the retailer so you don’t have to pay sales tax.

The system couldn’t be any easier. You can be anywhere in the world, but will still be able to access physical letters sent to you at an address in the US. You can also manage parcels and packages delivered to you, while taking advantage of the vibrant ecommerce industry in the United States.

We also offer additional services, depending on your needs. Firstly, we can process commonly used payment methods such as PayPal. This allows you to make purchases at US-based online retailers without having to register or become a verified user.

In addition, if you are buying an item on an auction site, we can monitor the bidding for you. This will increase your chances of winning the auction, primarily because our team is active during normal US business hours.

We also have extensive experience dealing with customs. Whatever help you need when shopping or doing business in the US, we will do our best to provide an efficient solution.

Because at E-Courier Express we’re dedicated to giving you exactly what you need.


E-Courier Express has a broad range of clients from around the world. Every one of them makes use of our services in different ways, but ultimately, the goal is the same: to gain access to US retailers and decrease expenses in the process. Some of the clients include:

  • Europeans and Asians who buy and sell goods in America
  • Expatriates from USA and their families wishing to maintain home connections
  • Online shoppers from overseas hunting for Apple products, apparel and shoes from Macy’s and Nordstrom and hundreds of other items
  • International businesses requiring a permanent base addresses in the USA


I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from E-Courier Express. Best of all, however, is that I get to save money – lots of it! I use the service to combine several purchases into one shipment, which helps me save, plus their shipping rates are low.

Designer clothes are so much cheaper to buy in the US than they are where I live. There is also much more to choose from. There are a handful of US retailers that I love buying from, and I use shipping agents from E-Courier Express to keep my delivery costs as low as possible. I don’t even have to pay sales tax!

My husband got a new job in England so we moved there six months ago from New Jersey. I looked at traditional mail-forwarding services, but they were so inefficient. I would get mail that I didn’t need shipped all the way to London, while the mail I did need would take longer to get here. E-Courier Express’s advanced features provided the solution. They scan all the mail I receive in the US so that I can decide what to forward on and what to bin. It is as easy as using my email inbox.

I have a luxury fashion ecommerce store in Vietnam, so getting access to leading brand-name items at the lowest possible price is important to me. E-Courier Express helps me do this. I can compete in auctions and buy low-cost clothing on eBay, consolidate all my purchases, and then get them shipped in a single delivery to my warehouse. It’s ideal.

How Our Service Works

Fast and efficient

Start by registering on our system. This process only takes a few minutes. You will get access our US shipping agents.

Shop at whatever US retailer you choose. When making a purchase from a US retailer simply select the shipping agent that best suits your requirements. You should base this on how close the shipping agent is to the physical location of the retailer as well as on whether or not you will have to pay sales tax.

The shipping agent will then receive your purchase. They will handle your package carefully and with complete discretion. It will be checked, logged, and then stored until you give further instructions.

Acting on your instructions, the shipping agent can consolidate multiple packages into one shipment to keep the cost of shipping to your location as low as possible.

Making payments is easy, as you can use your PayPal account or a US credit card.

Manage everything through your account on our online mail portal. In your account, you will be able to see all the packages and correspondence that have been sent to you.

Now you have access to unique bargains provided by American retailers, such as Bestbuy, Apple, Target, or Nordstrom.